Residential Pest Control

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Pests likes Bedbugs, Termites, cockroaches are very common in residential places. These are most vulnerable areas for infestation of these pests. These pests if not controlled can infest to every part and corner of your home and can pose a serious threat to your family besides can cause inconvenience and anxiety.

We at Al Mandhar understand your concerns regarding the pest control. Our domestic pest control services are standardized to provide you the best solutions in resolving this problem in a highly professional, quickly and eco-friendly way. We target our services on all kinds of pests, insects, termites, rodents and reptiles. We ensure that safe disposal of all these pests and insects without harming and furniture, furnishings or an interior substance.


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Why us?

We have been providing the pest control services to number of residential houses and apartments in Dubai . We have years of experience in controlling the pests and enforce the strategies to ensure that the pest don’t come again.

Our customer care executives are always there to help you and advice you the pest control services. We promise to serve you in a best possible way and won’t our quotes will not disappoint you in terms of effective, durable and reliable services.

Al Mandhar Pest Control group provides Powerful and High-Grade Disinfection service designed to disinfect all areas of your home such as floors, walls , furniture and the surroundings.

What does an uncontrolled pest problem in your home mean to you?

  • Diseases such as salmonella, dysentery, diarrhea and stomach upsets are all ailments that can be transmitted by pests.
  • Wastage due to infestation
  • Contamination

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