Rats control

RATS are common types of rodents found in homes and buildings. They live in the roofs, basements, crawlspaces, and sometimes in your living area. Rodents cause considerable damage to personal property, and structures, with their chewing and gnawing. Seventy percent of home fires each year can be attributed to rodents chewing on electric wires. In addition, rodents spread bacteria and life-threatening diseases.

Since time immemorial, rodents like rats and rats have been known to cause some deadly plagues and diseases. Equipped with large teeth, they are capable of transmitting a variety of bacteria and viruses through their saliva, feces and urine. They are known to cause around 37 types of disease worldwide. The diseases caused by these rodents are life- threatening and communicable in nature. In addition to this, rodents also contaminate food thus making it unhygienic to consume. Their teeth are specialized for gnawing and chewing. They can feed on variety of things around them like furniture, wardrobes, clothes and can cause huge damage to your house or office.


What Rats Can Do?


The idea of rodents moving around us can be nerve destroying for a considerable lot of us. They have been answerable for making different sorts of sensitivities in individuals.

Loss to property

They are capable for destroying important documents and expensive clothes. They can easily bite upper plastic layer of wires that could cause serious potential hazard to humans, sometimes may lead to loss of life as well.

Cause diseases

The urine of rats causes a disease named Lymphocytic Choriomenangitis which is responsible for nausea, fever, headache and even sometimes brain damage in worse.

Contaminates Food

Cockroaches go on hiding in a daytime and feeds on food at night. They crawl on the utensils at night and contaminate the food by dropping their secretions on them.

Species of Rats

black rat
Brown Rat
Norway rat
roof rat

Facts Abouts Rats

  • The brown rat is up to 40 cm in length, with a tail shorter than the head and body and grows up to between 350–500g in weight.
  • It has a blunt nose, small ears and a thicker body when compared to the Black Rat
  • The black rat is between 16–24cm in length, with a tail longer than the head and body and It grows to between 150–200g in weight.
  • They have a pointed nose, large ears and a slender body when compared to the Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus).
  • Rats’ front teeth grow 4½ to 5½ inches every year. They wear them down by continuously gnawing anything available to them, including cement, brick, wood, lead pipes, and even on other small animals
  • This type of Norway rat is usually brownish or husky in color. The rodent weighs almost 11 ounces. Its tail is 6 to 8inches tall and the body is approximately 13 to 18inches long. It has coarse fur and the underside of the body id yellowish-white to grey in color.

why are rats dangerous?

their physical attributes

An adult rat/ Rodents can squeeze into your home through a hole as small as the size of a quarter inch. Rats can live for up to 18 months, but most die before they are one year old. They have strong teeth that allow them to chew through glass, cinderblock, wire, aluminum and lead. Smell, taste, touch and sound help direct them to their food sources.


diseases caused by them

Rats are also responsible for spreading Bubonic Plague, also known as the “Black Death”. A portion of the illnesses brought about by rats and rodents are Listeria, Rat-nibble fever, Hantavirus salmonellosis.  fourteenth-century Europe saw a significant flare-up of bubonic plague or dark demise which was liable for clearing out the number of inhabitants in 30 to 40 percent in Europe. 


What can we offer you?

If you are looking for a company offering rodent control services in Dubai, UAE then Al Mandhar Pest Control Services is definitely the right choice. The most effective method of control as per the experts of our company is the trapping of the rats. We trap the rats in structures where they are few in numbers. Contact us  to prepare a comprehensive rat management plan that will effectively and efficiently deal with this problem. Non chemical and chemical control methods can be applied in place according to the sensitivity of the place. So if you are  suffering with rats infestation call us, our experts are there for your help.

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